About the brand

Founded on the principles of universal wellness and environmental consciousness, Byron Sun emerged from a gap in the market. Established with the vision of providing a unisex, sustainable brand, it aimed to defy conventional norms by offering products that foster a healthy, sun-kissed appearance year-round. Rooted in the breathtaking beaches of Byron Bay and embracing its Australian heritage, Byron Sun not only delivers a unifying aesthetic but also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, ensuring that everyone can look and feel healthy while prioritizing the well-being of both individuals and the planet.

Portrait of Byron Sun founder Senad Dizdarevic, a visionary leader dedicated to crafting luxurious skincare and tanning solutions inspired by the beauty of Australia

Meet Senad

Byron Sun is lovingly shaped by the passion of our founder, Senad Dizdarevic. His love for beaches, the sun, and the liberating embrace of nature inspired the birth of Byron Sun. Driven by a desire to share the invigorating feeling of being fresh and free, Senad instilled values of inclusivity and sustainability into the core of our brand.

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